Smite unveils its new Pro League team names

The Camelot Kings and the Tartarus Titans have shown off their new rosters.

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The next season of the Smite Pro League will be starting up sooner or later, but before that, the MOBA esport scene has to show off its new teams and rosters. To kick off that whole deal off, the Camelot Kings and the Tartarus Titans teams have been unveiled, alongside their respective rosters.

The Camelot Kings will feature:

  • Harry "Variety" Cumming

  • Benjamin "CaptainTwig" Knight

  • Jordan "BigManTingz" Theaker

  • Fabrizio "Netrioid" Palacios

  • Sam "Genetics" Harris

And, Kurtis "Biggy" Davidson as the coach.

The Tartarus Titans however, will star:

  • Max "Aror" Jackson

  • Jarod "CycloneSpin" Nguyen

  • Paul "Paul" Berger

  • Ronald "ScaryD" Belair

  • Ben "Benji" McKinzey

With, Mohaned "Cherryo" Walied as the coach

The remaining teams are to be named as follows; Atlantis Leviathans, Jade Dragons, Olympus Bolts, Oni Warriors, Solar Scarabs, and the Valhalla Valkyries. The rosters for these teams are yet to be known.

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