It looks like Overwatch League teams are already being blacklisted in scrims

LA Gladiators head coach: "I can tell you in full confidence that no one in NA is scrimming Valiant anymore."

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Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Valiant announced its decision to move over to the Asia-Pacific region for the 2021 Overwatch League season, leaving its signed players and staff without a team only a few months before the new season began. Needless to say, this decision didn't exactly sit well with a lot of people. Well now, as the season edges ever closer to its mid-April start date, we've seen reports that certain teams are already being blacklisted during practice games (scrims).

Overwatch reporter Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch recently tweeted, "Seven weeks until season start and already the blacklists are being pulled out." There was no regard as to which teams this could reference at the time, however, since then, Los Angeles Gladiators head coach David "Dpei" Pei released a similar tweet:

"Okay normally I don't leak rumors, but I'll tell you guys which OWL team has been blacklisted in NA. We've only been scrimming for 4 days but I can tell you in full confidence that no one in NA is scrimming Valiant anymore."

Considering this still seems to be quite fresh, as more develops, we will continue to update you on information as it is revealed.


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