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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

ESL Pro League Louvre Agreement extended until 2025

The extension also serves as a commitment to supporting the ESL Pro League's presence in North America.


The ESL has announced that it has extended the Louvre Agreement until at least 2025. The partnership - which serves as a way for the ESL and its 14 partnered esports organisations to work together to steer growth and to establish new structures for the league - initially came into effect in 2020.

"Despite the global challenges and uncertainties of the last 24 months, I'm proud that together we have created something so dynamic for the CS:GO ecosystem. The Louvre Agreement is a manifestation of a joint desire to create a sustainable yet ambitious framework within CS:GO - one that can serve to positively impact and influence the rest of the ecosystem," said Alex Inglot, ESL Pro League's commissioner.

Revealed in a blog post by the ESL, it has been revealed that the extension was unanimously agreed upon by the 14 organisations and the ESL that are part of it. According to the post, this vote also serves as a commitment to the efforts of better supporting the ESL Pro League's presence in North America, and also as a vote of confidence in the CS:GO Hub, which is a place where new strategies (i.e. NFTs) can be better discussed.

Team Liquid's founder and co-CEO, Victor Goossens also spoke about the extension, saying; "Extending the Louvre Agreement is such a momentous occasion for competitive CS:GO. Not only does it symbolise a commitment by the partner teams to grow the competitive CS:GO space, it's also a force-for-good in the joint efforts to strengthen the North American CS:GO ecosystem. It's a display of what we can build together."

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive