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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet

GRTV News - The Teal Mask DLC voor Pokémon Scarlet and Violet wordt volgende maand gelanceerd

We weten nu wanneer het eerste deel van The Hidden Treasure of Area Zone uitbreiding zal arriveren.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News. Today we're going to be talking a little bit about one of the Pokemon announcements that was made yesterday at the Pokemon Presents Broadcast. It wasn't a massively exciting show, I'm not going to lie, there was a lot of, well these Pokemon Presents Broadcasts when they do it specifically about just the Pokemon brand, they don't often cram it with a lot of really engaging stuff. If you're a really dedicated fan of Pokemon, I'm sure there's a lot in there, but for myself, all the different mobile games and the new different seasons that are coming to the different live service titles, I couldn't really care less myself. But one of the big announcements at the end of the show, sort of taking up the last sort of almost 15 minutes of it, was all about the Area Zero expansions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, of which now we have the release date for the first one of those. The Teelmask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches on the 13th of September. The announcement was made during the recent Pokemon Presents."

"Today's Pokemon Presents has been and gone, and for our final trailer of the showcase we got a look at the upcoming DLCs for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including confirmation that the former expansion, the Teelmask, will be available on the 13th of September 2023. The Teelmask sees us leave Paldea for the Kitakami region, where we'll be able to catch a whole host of new Pokemon from older games, as well as breathe in the sights of this small mountain town. There we'll meet two members of Blueberry Academy, as well as a photographer and a handful of other interesting characters. This story will then lead into the Indigo Disc, which takes us to the Blueberry Academy itself, before we return to Paldea for the DLC's final act. Check out the trailer for the expansions below. And yeah, you can, I'm not going to do all the, show all the trailers here, but if you want to take a look at the the trailers you can. This is more like a lengthy one that sort of looks at the different things that you can do in this new area. And this one's specifically the trailer for the Teelmask DLC, which is the first of the two expansions, whereas the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is kind of what the both of the expansions are called collectively. But yeah, that wasn't the only Pokemon announcement that was made yesterday."

"There was a fair few different ones, including we got to learn about a couple more sort of older classics that are coming to the Nintendo Switch Online library. You can play the trading card game, which is the Game Boy Advance game from 1998, I believe. You can play that as part of the base Nintendo Switch Online subscription through the Game Boy stuff. The Game Boy emulator, I guess you could say. And then if you want to check out Pokemon Stadium 2, then you need to have the expansion pack upgrade for the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, because it's part of the Nintendo 64 library or emulator. But on top of that, we got a new Pokemon Detective, sorry, Detective Pikachu Returns trailer, which showed off some of the allies that Detective Pikachu will have and how they will affect the gameplay. So if you want to check out the trailer for that, that's also live. And the only other thing that really was of major note, I'd like to say, aside from a few different anime shows that are going to be coming up, which, you know, if you're into the Pokemon animes, no doubt that's up your street. But the only other major thing was that there's a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mewtwo Terror Raid is now live, I believe, in the game. And if you want to get Mew, obviously, if you want to get Mewtwo, you have to do the raid. But if you want to get Mew, you can put in a code, which if you want to find that, it is also in the news piece on your local Game Rant region. So go find the news piece, pull out the code, slam that into your Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and get yourself a version of Mew, which is one of the most iconic Pokemon of all time. But yeah, it's a weird- it was a strange show. I don't think it was that exciting. I think it kind of lacked a bit of gravitas. But I suspect that the Pokemon company and Nintendo are probably holding off releasing the next sort of big exciting Pokemon game until we get this Switch successor, which is most likely coming next year. So yeah, as we know more about Pokemon and all that good stuff, we'll be sure to keep you posted. Otherwise, if you've been a fan of Scarlet and Violet and you're looking towards- looking forward towards more content, the Teal Mask DLC, the first part of the Hidden Area- Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, launches on September 13th. So don't miss it. That's all the time we have for today's GRTV News. We'll be back now tomorrow for the next one. So until then, hope you enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, and we'll see you all on the next one. Take care, everyone."

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