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Deze Survival Sim Sure is Sweet - Honeycomb Interview

Wat gebeurt er als de aarde het leven niet langer kan onderhouden, maar ons nieuwe huis nog niet helemaal klaar is? Honeycomb hoopt die vraag te beantwoorden door ons op een verre planeet te plaatsen waar we moeten overleven in de hoop dat andere mensen hetzelfde kunnen doen. Bekijk ons interview over de game met Bartosz Sczcypka voor meer informatie.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone. Welcome to Gamescom. I'm Alex here again and I'm here with Botosh.
I believe I've probably completely messed that up, that naming.
No, that was perfect."

"Oh wow. And we are here with Honeycomb. It is a...
Well, actually Botosh, I'll let you sort of talk about what Honeycomb is for people who might not be in the know.
Honeycomb for me is a very huge project that is spread across three different things.
Like exploration, because in this game, in this future, we are sent on a mission to save the Earth that is currently facing an ecological crisis."

"And our main goal is to explore a new planet and conduct research on plants and animals that we find on this planet.
And this research that we will conduct should be done in a closed environment under our control.
So we're gonna build a base and take care of providing resources there like water, electricity and so on and so on.
And we're gonna build some devices that we need and we're gonna conduct research on plants, animals, as I said before."

"So we're gonna take a part in a big project and we're gonna try to somehow find a solution how we can help the Earth.
So something that you touched upon before when we were chatting is that Honeycomb is a survival game.
But it's also got this, what I think is a really unique sort of design, sorry, narrative setup with sort of the world as we know it sort of moving underground."

"And our protagonist Hennessy being sort of the last hope, if you will maybe, of getting somewhere where we can maybe start to restore the Earth to its former glory or find a new home.
Could you talk a bit more about that?
Story is a big topic because here, before I introduced you only to the one piece that you'll know on the beginning that the environmental crisis on the Earth forced the people to move underground and live there."

"And they have these huge companies that control everything and tell people, we're gonna save the Earth somehow, we're gonna make a mission called Honeycomb.
And our protagonist, the bioengineer Hennessy will fly to the other planet and do something to find a solution how we can save the Earth.
But you as a player will experience this and you know that if there is whenever the possibility to do so or there never was a possibility to do so and you're sent to a certain death or maybe not death, just the exploration."

"So there is a very large story that I haven't told you about and to be honest I won't because we have some fancy ideas that we want to implement in this game.
You also have some fancy ideas I think when it comes to designing the game and how you sort of interact with it.
So most people might look at a survival game and think they have to spend hundreds of hours building their base and getting to stuff like that."

"And for survival fans there is all that stuff, there is the base building, there is really intricate design.
But there's also the ability to sort of go at your own pace.
You talked about different modes for people who want to do different things and maybe avoid some of the more challenging aspects and just get on with the story.
Could you talk a bit more about the design choice behind sort of creating different modes for players that might want to try different things?
Yeah, so this is a survival game and we were focused on the survival thing."

"So for example we have aggressive animals that may harm you, kill you or something like that.
We were thinking about some hazardous zones that can affect your breathing or something like that.
And also the other things that may happen to you and you maybe get some of the diseases, I don't know, flu or something like that.
So you in survival mode should take care of that, should control everything."

"And maybe you're just a player that is only bothered by those things and you only want to, I don't know, focus on research, on interacting with animals or building your own base.
So we thought that adding these modes that will allow you to get rid of some mechanics or have them but don't be bothered with them because they don't affect you in some ways.
It will be a very good idea that everyone could find something that they really like."

"So we will aim especially for creative mode where your building is only blocked by your imagination and mechanics.
Or maybe you will focus on this survival part where you have to search for resources on the whole map and take care on what you will spend them or not and take care of that.
So everyone's gonna find something they like, I think, in this game modes."

"There's a lot of creatures in the world, there's one in the shirt right there.
There is something as well that I found really unique.
I know I've been going on about the uniqueness of this game quite a lot but it does stand out.
And it's that you can't kill these animals."

"You're not meant to go to this planet to sort of make it your own.
You are meant to sort of exist alongside with the wildlife.
Is that sort of correct and what other options do we have if we can't necessarily defend ourselves with lethal action?
Very good question."

"Because the people went underground and they searched shelter there, they haven't seen the sunlight, they struggled with the lack of nature.
Hennessy started to be very caring about that.
So everything we do on this planet, this new planet is not harmful for the environment.
The research we make, we will make, is also not harmful."

"It's everything in controlled conditions.
So killing animals would affect the environment in some ways and we don't want to do that.
So we will avoid the fight, the struggle at all costs.
We will have some sorts of items that we can use to avoid the aggressive animals."

"We can run from them or maybe in the future we will use, I don't know, some sleep dart to put them to sleep for a little while, not forever.
And they will, you know, may allow you to run away from there or collect resource that is nearby their nest or something like that.
So we will have some control over it but we will not affect it in a direct way that will harm the whole ecosystem."

"And on the sort of final, I guess, major design question, the visuals.
It's currently in pre-alpha, I believe you said, or something equivalent, but the visuals are still quite impressive, I find.
And you've combined sort of a futuristic look with Art Nouveau, I believe you said.
Could you talk a bit more about that?
Yeah, exactly. And this style for the base, like you said, it is futuristic science fiction combined with this also narrative explained, this force to nature."

"We wanted to express that people are missing some of the things.
So combining this futuristic science fiction with Art Nouveau, with a lot of these floristic curves, details, will result in something unique and something that will express almost everything that we want.
And also the style for the rest of the game is also settled, I think, and we're just going with it."

"Perfect. Thank you so much for your time.
Thank you very much.
Thank you."





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