Esports World Cup partners up with Barn's Coffee

The massive esports festival will be held in Riyadh this summer.


The Esports World Cup Foundation has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with Barn's Coffee, Saudi Arabia's biggest coffee branch, all for a deal that will see the two working together for the major Esports World Cup festival this summer.

The deal will see Barn's regarded as the exclusive coffee brand of the EWC, and will see Barn's booths operated and available at the festival, allowing attendees to get a taste of the coffee for themselves.

This comes as Team Falcons also recently signed a partnership deal with Barn's, further seeing the Saudi coffee brand connecting itself to some of the biggest teams and events in the Saudi esports scene.

As per the EWC, you can find out more about the schedule and prize pool for the massive festival in these links.

Esports World Cup partners up with Barn's Coffee